Thursday, 30 August 2012

My VirtualDub Capture Mode Settings

Below are the VirtualDub settings that I use in VirtualDub for all my TV captures (my XVid settings can be found in my earlier post).

My captures are encoded in XVid (for video) and MP3 (for audio).

Sunday, 19 August 2012

VirtualDub Post Capturing: Removing MP3 Artifacts

Annoying Artifacts

When I do TV capturing with VirtualDub, with the KWorld PCI Analog TV Card Lite (PVR-TV 7134SE) hardware device, the only sampling rate that I could choose for audio compression is 32 KHz, irrespective of the audio compression format. As a consequence, I have to compress my MP3 audio with a sampling rate of 32 KHz - in stereo with a bit rate of 96 Kbps.

I do not get any problems with the audio if I were to view my playbacks on my PC. But for playbacks using a media player that is connected to my TV, I can hear those annoying MP3 artifacts - some funny distortion when someone is talking that is audible at certain parts of the playback. I suppose this is because my TV has better speakers compared with my PC.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

VirtualDub Post Capturing: Keeping Audio And Video In Sync

Unless it is less than 20 minutes long, I have a problem with audio and video synchronization in all my VirtualDub TV captures. During playback, the audio and video will start out okay, but after about 20 minutes they will begin to go out of sync. It is only later that I realized that this problem is caused by the audio and video having different length in time. In my case, the length of the audio is always less than the video, causing the audio to be heard first before the corresponding event in the video.

This is what I have to do to bring audio and video back in sync. To recap, I am using the KWorld PCI Analog TV Card Lite (PVR-TV 7134SE) as my capture hardware device. My video captures are encoded into XVid, while audio is encoded into MP3.

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