Friday, 27 July 2012

TiVme And RAM Slots

The Problem

This is a follow up blog to my previous posting. There were 2 other problems that were not so obvious after the boot failure problem had been fixed. These 2 problems did not occur prior to the PC's boot failure.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Extending V2CRS - Enabling VirtualDub Filters

I have a need to use VirtualDub filters when scheduling TV captures with V2CRS. I always find that with the Sharpen filter enabled at level 17, my playbacks always look better. I also have a need to enable the Denoise filter as for one particular channel where I live, the reception is not that good. But unfortunately, there is no option for enabling VirtualDub filters in V2CRS.

Defining The .BAT Batch File To Launch VirtualDub

By luck I suppose, instead of selecting with the mouse, I happened to hit the keyboard and realised that I could key in into the field "Path:" when defining the file to execute for launching VirtualDub (under Preferences -> Capture application) from V2CRS. A thought then came to me - instead of using a .EXE executable file, using a Windows batch file ("VD.BAT" in this case) to launch VirtualDub will give me the ability to use VirtualDub scripts (and hence VirtualDub filters) via the VirtualDub command-line options.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Opera Version 11.64 On Win98

I previously wrote about upgrading my Firefox(FF) browser from v2.0.0.3 to v3.6.8 because of an "Invalid Title Value" error message that I got when I was creating a blog in Blogger.com.

I was very pleased with FF v3.6.8 after the upgrade. Compared with FF v2.0.0.3, it was very much faster and hardly crashed - only once but I think it was caused by uTorrent v1.8.1. I can login to Blogger.com, upload JPEG pictures and post updates to my blog without any problem. Neither do I have problems in viewing the other pages in Blogger.com.

But problems began to crop up after when I started to use Facebook (FB) and Nuffnang (a blog advertising company). FB pages will display but hard-disk activity will shoot up exponentially. FF response time was not only slow but the sound of hard disk activity was scary. Later, I realized that I had problems setting my Message notification level and other FB security options. Clicking on my selection does nothing. At Nuffnang, some pages will not get displayed correctly. And even if they do, clicking on certain buttons or selecting certain menu drop-down boxes yielded nothing.