Sunday, 28 July 2013

Displaying Amazon "iframe" Ads Without The Scroll Bar In Scribefire

As I have mentioned previously, a scroll bar will appear when I place an Amazon "iframe" ad in Scribefire Chrome for Opera, resulting in the ad not being displayed as it should while editing, and indeed after publishing, while in "Edit Visually" mode.

After having gathered enough courage to peek at Scribefire's source code, I am glad that I have found a fix to this problem (see Note 1 below on extracting the source code from the Scribefire Extension file "scribefire-4.oex").

This is what I did to remove the scroll bar. I appended additional parameters to line 964 in the file "events.js" - they are actually just parameters found in the code given by Amazon that were not defined in this line. Below is how the line looks before modification:

extended_valid_elements : "iframe[title|width|height|src|frameborder|allowfullscreen]",

My modified line now reads:

Friday, 19 July 2013

Inserting Amazon Affiliate "iframe" Ads With Scribefire

Scribefire Classic Fails With "iframe" Ads

I use Scribefire Classic (version on Firefox (version 3.6.8) to compose my blogs. I tried inserting three Amazon affiliate "iframe" ads into my blog post last week and failed. Not only did the ads not get displayed in the Scribefire's "Rich Editing" tab, but upon publishing and accessing my blog post from Opera desktop and Opera Mini, only one ad was displayed instead of three.

When I looked at the HTML source (by selecting "source" when I right click in Opera desktop), I noticed that the "iframe" tags in my Amazon ads were modified by Scribefire upon publishing. The closing tag "</iframe>" was dropped and the opening tag was modified by making it self-terminating for each inserted ad. For example, the tag code provided by Amazon was: