Sunday, 26 May 2019

PC Downstairs Conked

Over the last 2 months, I think the Gods must be angry with me. It's either that or the stars and planets are not align to my favour.

Health wise I haven't been doing quite well since the beginning of April 2019. Friends said I have 'vertigo' when I described my symptom to them.

Then my WiMax modem go bricked in mid-April.

And now, the computer downstairs that my children uses just died. Problems with the motherboard I was told by the store technician. And they will not fix it. Too old they say. A sound advice in my opinion. This Foxconn motherboard PC has not been reliable from the start. Two new power boxes, one new RAM module plus other various booting up issues - these are some of the problems that I have faced during the last 10 years. Summing up, I think the total cost of ownership would have been cheaper if I had bought a branded PC from a Dell, Lenovo or HP from the start. Yes, more reliable too.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Bricked - Samsung SWD-V100

Samsung SWD-V100 stuck in the logo screen

This Samsung SWD-V100 feature phone that I have since 2013 - which I use to access the Internet as it has a built in Wimax modem to the YES network - it has more or less died. Bricked! It will power-on all right but will get stuck in the Samsung logo screen. I have tried everything that I knew off in trying to revive it (taking out the battery for a couple of hours, for example) but nothing works.

The problem started, by the way, because of low battery level indication. I should have charge it up right away, but instead I shut it down to conserve the battery. Huge mistake.

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