Friday, 31 October 2014

RavenPlus: Drag-And-Drop And The "Save" Button

Drag-And-Drop In RavenPlus

It is almost a year since I started using Zoundry Raven/RavenPlus and I have noticed that there are a handful of quirky behaviours within the editor window. These are not showstoppers. I can still compose and post my blogs successfully, but I find them annoying - a thorn in my side.

Below is just one of these peculiarities in Raven/RavenPlus, and how I fixed it. This problem will only be apparent if the first thing that is done after opening an existing blog post for editing is a drag-and-drop, or when we do a drag-and-drop right after we saved our blog post - the "Save" button on the toolbar remains disabled despite the modification.

Friday, 24 October 2014

First Month Of Freedom

A Serama Hen - 6 Months Old

Some time during the month of March 2014, only a single egg hatched out of a total of 3. Since that time, it had been a routine for me every morning for the last 6 months as I had kept the Serama hen and its chick in captivity. At around 8 AM everyday, I will, without much hassle luckily, move the single chick and the hen into a different cage which has ample space for them to roam, scratch and sand-bathe in my backyard. It had been so routine that the chick and hen seemed to know what to expect when they see me coming every morning. That is until one fine sunny morning about a month ago when I finally set them free; a taste of freedom for the 'chick' for the first time.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

RavenPlus: Where Did My Just Added "Category" Go?

It has been approximately a year since I started using Zoundry Raven. In my opinion, it is definitely the best offline blog editor that I have ever used. More recently, I have been customising Raven (which I now call RavenPlus) and tailoring it to meet my own needs. Hurray for making Raven open-source.

Something Peculiar

I still remember the quirkiness the first time I added a new "Category/Tag" (also called "Labels" on Google's Blogger) in Raven. Adding the "Category" is quite straight forward in the Raven editor - no problems there. After successfully publishing my post with the newly added "Category", everything looked to be in order when I viewed the blog post via a web browser.

I did not suspect anything amiss until a few days later when I tried to reuse the "Category" that I have added in Raven in another blog post. To my surprise, I could not find it in the list of "Categories" in the "Categories" tab, under the "Configure..." pull-down menu in the Raven's editor. But curiously, when I clicked on the "Tags" node on the "Account Navigator" sidebar, all "Categories" are listed, including the missing one.

Poking around, I later realised that for any "Category" that I have added via Raven, they are only available for use in the original blog post in which it was created. I was dumbfounded. Not surprisingly, this happens in RavenPlus too, since it shares almost 99.8% of the code with Raven.

An Undocumented Step?

But luckily I found something within Raven that can overcome the above mentioned shortcomings. I stumbled upon this discovery quite by accident actually, while going through Raven's log ("Tools -> Background Tasks" in the main window).