Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Google's goo.gl - Slowly Fading Away

The announcement about the turning down of goo.gl by Google

Looks like another product by Google is going the way of the Dodo. The official announcement by Google can be found here. I have since moved my only goo.gl link to Bitly. Good thing I didn't have many as it would be a nightmare to move them off goo.gl, one-by-one.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

My Opinion On My New 32-bead LED Lamp

Items Included In The Box

Should I get the 16-bead, 32-bead, 36-bead, 49-bead or the 64-bead LED lamp for my still-life and wildlife macro photography? Will the lighting be adequate? There's only one way to find out - just go out (or online), buy one, test it out and see how it performs. And that was exactly what I did last week. Shown in the picture above is the lamp that I bought - a 32-bead rechargeable LED lamp from Lazada Malaysia. It arrived last Friday, 6 days after placing my order. Not too bad, considering that the item was shipped overseas from Hong Kong, China. The price: about US$10 (including shipping charges) which is quite reasonable since I didn't want to spend too much on something that I know nothing of.

My Opinion

So did it meet my needs? Well, not exactly.