Monday, 29 February 2016

My First Google OAuth2 Python Program

Below is the code for my first Google OAuth2 Python program. The last time I had a look at it was something like 6 months ago - that long already? As I recall, the sample script file blogger.py that was bundled in 'google-api-python-client-samples-1.2.zip', if I am not mistaken, by Google didn't work. I had to debug it myself to get it working.

What this program does is to print out the user's Google login name, the list of blogs at Blogger.com that is associated with this account and the list of blog entries for each blog. The OAuth2 login credentials is named 'plus.dat' and it must be located in the same directory as this Python script file.

I ran this script file under Python 2.4 with some customisation made to the Google API Python Client Library Version 1.2.

I hope somebody will find this useful.

The Source Code

Thursday, 25 February 2016

A 'Newborn' Tawney Coster Butterfly

Tawney Coster Butterfly Basking Under The Sun (click to enlarge)

Perhaps I should have waited a little longer. Perhaps I should have hung around for another 30 minutes. But I didn't. The afternoon tropical heat was just unbearable. And I do have an umbrella with me at that time, by the way. So what happened is that I missed the chance of observing this butterfly, a Tawny Coster, taking flight for the first time since breaking out from its pupa.

The picture above is of the said butterfly taken at around high noon. I think the hind-wings will turn more orangy in colour as it dries, much like the fore-wings in this picture. At least that is how a Tawny Coster butterfly that I know of looks like.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Google Is Shutting Down PicasaWeb

My Oh My. After put in so much time and effort into integrating Picasa and OAuth2 into RavenPlus, Google has now announced that it is shutting down PicasaWeb. May 1 2016 is the date to look out for as that is when Google will start rolling out the changes.

I have had a look at the PicasaWeb API developer page and it seems that pictures uploads via RavenPlus should work as what we have now in version 1.0.507. This is what the notice in this page says:


Looks okay to me. But who knows, Google has pulled the rug from right under our feet before.