Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Windows XP - Intermittent ntfs Error

One of my nightmares over the last couple of years - it happened again yesterday. This was what greeted me when I started my Windows XP yesterday:

"One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency"

This only occurs on the C: drive. Windows will 'fix' this problem alright, via a 'CHKDSK', but always will some files deleted. The only thing I could do is to restore the deleted files from backups; which is a laborious task since Windows doesn't actually tell me the directories/folders the deleted files were from. At the back of my mind, I always have this feeling that one of these days, some essential system file will get messed up real bad rendering my PC unbootable.

Googling didn't help much as I could not find anything specific to this problem.

A Lead?

It's only a hunch, but my suspicion has always been on the Avira Free Antivirus software for it is the only application that modifies my C: drive regularly via its automatic updates. But I have never had any concrete indications ... until yesterday (well, at least I believe it is so).

Monday, 5 October 2015

A Brief Update On Picasa And RavenPlus

Python & XML By Christopher A. Jones & Fred L. Drake, Jr. Just a quick note to say that I am still working on the Picasa upload function (via the OAuth2 authentication) in RavenPlus.

To say the least, I am struggling; struggling with XML processing in Python. All this while, I have been avoiding this subject area as it looks complicating. After spending a couple of days on this, it still is. I am not at all familiar with XML processing in Python or in any other computer programming language. There is a 357 pages book written on this topic, but this is something that is not easily digestible in a short time. Hands-on work through the examples in the book is required.

The Google Picasa API part is easy, thanks to an example Python script that found off the Internet. In fact, I managed to upload a few pictures to Picasa web via my own customised Python script with OAuth2 authentication. The problem now is in saving the uploaded picture file's meta-data (the information that is returned from Picasa web) into RavenPlus. Not getting this meta-data into the RavenPlus' Picasa registry means RavenPlus is unaware of the successful picture upload.