Sunday, 29 April 2012

"Invalid Title Value" when creating a new blog

Update 25th April 2014

I think I need to create an update to this blog post. The older blog entry (I must admit, is confusing) is at the end, to anybody who is interested.

To work around this problem, try upgrading your desktop web browser to the latest version of, preferably Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are getting this error message on a mobile device, do try using a desktop web browser first.

I believe this problem has something to do with newer Javascripts tags being used on the page for creating a blog at, that is not recognized in older web browsers. I have had pages in that were working properly at one time, but started popping up warning messages months later. The only reason that I could think of is that the code and scripts for that page have changed.

Original Blog Entry

I received an "Invalid Title Value" error message when I tried to create a blog at I double checked all required parameters and they appear to be okay. Since I am using Win98 on a 13 year old PC, the last official supported version of Firefox is v2.0.0.3. To work around this problem I decided to install KernelEx and then Firefox v3.6.8 - I could have tried a newer version but I have this version of Firefox already download previously.

I then tried creating my blog again and this time things went smoothly without any errors.

KernelEx must be installed first as any version of Firefox greater than v2.0.0.3 will not get installed under Win98.

You can find a description of KernelEx here :


  1. nathan.dushnisky : The problem that I had was with an outdated browser. So a browser upgrade was all that I need to fix this problem, which is something that you could try - ideally Firefox or Chrome; I have problems with Opera with some functions in by the way.

    Don't worry about KernelEx unless you are still using Win98.


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