Monday, 14 May 2012

Channel Scanning and Auto Tuning In VirtualDub

With TivMe, the software that came along with the TV card PVR-TV 7134SE from KWorld, channel scanning and tuning is easy. Upon installation of TivMe, a wizard will popup and guides me through the whole process in 4 steps. And if I ever need to do another scan later, I just go to the software setting page and click on the "Scan Setting" button.

Wrong Country Code

When I first started using VirtualDub, I assume that things would be as easy as above. But this is not to be. When I went to the capture window (File -> Capture AVI), and activated the "Properties" dialog box (Video -> Tuner) and click on the "AutoTune" button, all that could be detected was just one local TV station, when there was suppose to be 6.

I later found out that I had the wrong value set for the "Country" field in this "Properties" dialog box. Instead, I have to set the value of "Country" to where I am - Malaysia in my case. So, I clicked in this field and attempted to change it to 60 (Malaysia's country code). However, the value would not stay and it gets reset to 1 every time when I leave the "Country" field.

Doing a couple of Google searches led me to this:

With the hint from this article, I went to "Control Panel", clicked on "Regional and Language Options", and under the "Regional Options" tab, I selected my country under "Standards and formats" (or Alt-S) and then saved the settings. I then did an "AutoTune" again (with the "Country" field now set to 60) in VirtualDub and this time all my local TV stations were detected.


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