Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Posting Churp Churp Campaigns To Facebook

My first Churp Churp campaign posting to Facebook was a disaster. I have assumed that I could easily do the posting with just a single click of the mouse on the "Like" button (see picture below) but ended up sharing the advertisers site instead - with no URL to my unique campaign link in the posting. Good for the advertiser but not good for me as I will not be paid for the mouse clicks generated from this advertisement.

In the end, I figured that I have to do a manual posting of my Churp Churp campaign in Facebook. There is no shortcut links nor buttons to click on. "The site you're sharing" with the "Like" button is a bit misleading, in my opinion.

To be more elaborate, login to Churp Churp in one web browser tab (or window) and Facebook in another web browser tab (or window). After selecting your Churp Churp campaign, copy your campaign message (click on the campaign message, then hit Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C), switch over to Facebook and paste (Ctrl-V) the campaign message into Facebook. Likewise, copy your unique campaign link (ie. click on the green "Click To Copy" button under the heading "Share your personal campaign link on any social platforms of your choice") and paste (again Ctrl-V) into Facebook. Then click on the "Post" button in Facebook to post your campaign.

The picture below shows how the posting will look like in Facebook. The smaller box with the shaded background is the campaign message from my unique campaign link that has been retrieved by Facebook.

If you do not have a Churp Churp login account and is interested in participating in sharing Churp Churp campaigns with you friends, you can create one by clicking on this link (plus giving me a RM1 tip at the same time - thanks in advance) :


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