Friday, 22 March 2013

Scribefire Can Only Retrieve The Last 25 Posts

It seems that there is a limit to the number of posts that ScribeFire (an offline blog editor) can retrieve from my blog. All that I can see is just the last 25 posts when ScribeFire connects to my blog. For the moment, I will have to use the online blog editor at Blogger for any updates to my older blog posting that ScribeFire does not retrieve. This defeats my purpose of using an offline blog editor in the first place. I have been happily using ScribeFire for about 8 months, but now I am disappointed.

It is a pity really. Although it is no longer supported, I find ScribeFire Classic version for Firefox to be quite a decent offline blog editor - and to be the best among all versions of ScribeFire. I am using ScribeFire on Firefox version 3.6.8.


  1. This morning, my Scribefire wouldn't activate. When I finally got it open, it was tabula rasa - it didn't show any of my accounts, and wouldn't launch the account wizard. I haven't been able to upload photos for about a month.
    I think the evolving universe has finally killed the best blogging tool ever.

    I've been using it for years, so this is a real blow to me.

    1. I am now using Picasa 3 on Windows XP to upload my pictures. Picasa allows me to select an album to upload my pictures to and also my file name is maintained - something that Scribefire cannot do. I have to keep my Firefox at version 3.6.8 so that I can use Scribefire. I have read that there are problems when running Scribefire with later versions of Firefox. For general web browsing I use Opera which I can upgrade regularly without affecting my usage of Scribefire.

      I have download another offline blog editor called Zoundry Raven but have not throughly tested it yet. First impression looks promising though.


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