Tuesday, 3 June 2014

RavenPlus: Source Code For Version 1.0.503

RavenPlus - Source Code

I think I am required to distribute the source code for RavenPlus as required by GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 2, the license under which Zoundry Raven is distributed. So, I have uploaded the source code for RavenPlus version 1.0.503 to my Google Drive and it can be downloaded here.

You will find included in this Zip archive all the files that are required to create the Windows executable for RavenPlus. This includes:

  • the RavenPlus icon (zoundryraven-read-only_v1_0_503\Raven\src\python\ravenAppPlus.ico);
  • py2exe configuration file (zoundryraven-read-only_v1_0_503\Raven\src\python\setup.py);
  • the .BAT batch file to execute the Python command for creating the RavenPlus Windows executable with py2exe (zoundryraven-read-only_v1_0_503\Raven\src\python\d.bat); and
  • the .BAT batch file to execute the Python command for compiling and running RavenPlus from the source code (zoundryraven-read-only_v1_0_503\Raven\src\python\Run.bat)

I know, I should have used a more meaningful name for the .BAT batch files, but I was lazy.

Worth noting is that the following 3 files are not made available for download from the Raven Open Source website, but were included in Zoundry Raven version 1.0.375 install file:


Hence, they are not included in the source code (and RavenPlus) Zip archive simply because I do not have them.

To run, compile and create the Windows executable from source, the Raven development environment must be setup of course.

py2exe will create a Windows executable called "raven.exe" in the "zoundryraven-read-only_v1_0_503\Raven\src\python\dist" folder/directory. The generated executable is named after the main Python script "raven.py". I just rename this file to "ravenPlus.exe" via Windows Explorer before making RavenPlus available for download.


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