Wednesday, 28 September 2016

An Avian Visitor - A Male Pied Triller

Pied Triller (click to enlarge)

A male Pied Triller paid me a visit some 11 days ago. To a greenhorn birder like me, I was naturally excited as this is a once in a blue moon affair.

What first caught my attention was this unfamiliar bird call that I heard coming from the outside. Offhand, I may not precisely remember every sound that my garden birds make but I will surely recognise an unfamiliar call when I hear one. To satisfy my curiosity I peeked outside my window and noticed this unfamiliar white and black bird.

A totally uncommon bird in my neighbourhood. I wonder what brought it here? It appears to be alone; I just can see any other from its species.

Sadly, I have not seen nor heard from this bird since.


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