Monday, 28 October 2019

Goodbye Avast

This is a follow-up to my previous post.

I did a virus definition update to Avast 2 days ago. I didn't use my computer after that and had is shutdown subsequently. No problems detected, everything fine here.

Turned on my computer yesterday morning, surfed the net as I usually do, and BOOM! a blank screen and a reboot after using my computer for something like 10 minutes. This problem repeated itself 3 more times as the day progressed. Practically, I couldn't do anything with all these reboots. I tried disabling the Avast service too, but that didn't help either. The computer bombed out some 15 or 20 minutes later after reboot.

So, my last resort - I uninstalled and removed Avast completely.

As its replacement, I have now installed AVG Free. So far so good as far as I can tell.

And by the way, I just found out a moment ago: Avast bought AVG 3 years ago; AVG is a subsidiary of Avast. Oh well. I will see how it goes.


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