Wednesday, 16 October 2019

My Own Broadband Subscription - Finally

I first talked about it 3 years ago. But then things went back to normal about a month later. I got my 200 MB quota per login account back and I subsequently did nothing. Lucky me.

WiMax Shutdown

Fast forward to 1st October 2019.

I tried to login as usual on that day. But things got stuck at the 'searching for network' stage. The reason, I were to find out later, was that Yes has shutdown their WiMax network - for good. No notice, nothing from Yes to none paying subscribers. Not even a Facebook post or a Tweet from their official page. A bit unfair I think.

Push comes to shove here. There is only one thing to do - subscribe to my very own broadband plan.

My Own Yes Huddles XS 4G LTE Device

Subscription Plan

Luckily I have done some price comparison months before. And the best plan, in my opinion, is still from Yes. RM 45 (not including sales tax) for 15 GB data per month. And it comes with a free device too (their Yes Huddle XS 4G LTE) that I can tether to my computer. It does WiFi hotspot too in fact, which I have no need - for the moment at least.

There is a bit of confusion though for billing. I signed up on 2nd October 2019, paid everything upfront as required. But then I was charged RM 7.95 for 5 days data a few days later, with my billing cycle starting only on the 7th. I didn't understand any of this initially, and I got 1.9 GB data burnt since I only used 600 MB during that time.


Caveat though for WinXP users. The device drivers for the Yes Huddle hardware is actually found on the hardware device itself. And to have the device recognised by WinXP, one must have the device drivers installed first! A catch 22 situation.

Good thing I have Ubuntu installed on my computer (I think Win7 works too although I haven't tried), and I can happily download the drivers onto my hard disk without any problems via a web browser.

So. After a gap of two day, I am back online with 15 GB of data per month. Price per Giga byte of data per month has certainly dropped compared to 3 years ago. Very good! I have more of that please!


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