Saturday, 28 January 2017

Running Google+ App On Android-x86 (Virtualbox)

I have finally found a use for my Android-x86 (Version 4.3) system, running under Oracle Virtualbox on my computer. I have had it installed for something like 3 years without actually using it all this time.

The problem with Google+ desktop running within my desktop web browser over the last couple of days - that's what prompted me to try out the Google+ app on Android-x86. This is what I always see every time when I access Google+ on my desktop web browser over the last few days:

Google+ Error From Desktop Web Browser

I get a similar error message with Google+ Mobile too. I am aware of some changes that Google is making with Google+, but getting a broken link is the least of what I would expect. After all, aren't they a leading technology company these days ?

This is how the Google+ app looks like within Virtualbox, in case if you are wondering:

Google+ Running On Android-x86 (Within Virtualbox)

It works and I am not facing any problems - for the moment at least.


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