Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Faulty 1GB Kingston RAM

Trouble-shooting a computer problem is never easy. Worse if these are passive devices that emit no sound or visible faults, unlike their mechanical counterpart.

My 1 GB Kingston RAM module for example. I replaced it with another 2 GB Kingston module and the random computer crashes that I had just went away. Pinpointing the source of this problem though was more that a half-year journey of pain. It got to a point where I could not get anything done as the computer crashed as soon as it booted up.

So Avast anti-virus was not the cause after all. My apologies to Avast for my wrong accusation.

Incidentally though, I did not coat the pins of my new 2GB RAM with any contact enhancer like I use to. I just plug it in and it got detected by the computer's BIOS straight away.

Makes me wonder: were those 1GB Kingston RAM that came out around 2010 were of poor quality or perhaps poor design. The 1GB RAM on the Foxconn motherboard PC exhibit similar traits. It died too beyond repair some 4 years ago.

Random access memory - these are passive device with no moving parts. There's nothing to be worn out and technically, they should last for a very very long time.


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